Öppet brev till Naomi Klein.

För oss liberaler är det än en gång dags att, likt Sancho Panza, skrida ut till försvar för vår store liberale hjälte Johan Norberg. Denna gång är det socialistdebattören Naomi Klein som trilskas och behöver få lära sig en läxa. Jag har därför författat ett brev, som avsänts till Kleins personliga emailadress samt till hennes förlag. Brevet återges i sin helhet nedan. För att visa att vi liberaler aldrig väjer för en uppriktig politisk debatt, lovar jag att publicera Kleins svar i oredigerad form här på bloggen.

Jag uppmanar nu alla Sveriges liberaler att följa mitt exempel (emailadresserna finns länkade ovan). Vi måste visa vem det är som bestämmer!

Dear Naomi Klein,

I have followed with great irritation how you in the debate on your book Chockdoktrinen provoked my esteemed colleague Johan Norberg with insinuanta lies about Milton Friedman, Augusto Pinochet, the Cato Institute and others. I therefore find no other advice than to intervene and explain that your conduct is not acceptable.

Just like Norberg, I of course appreciate, that you give response to his criticism, but you give the wrong answer and, moreover, is your attitude problematic. For a start, although Johan Norberg, together with the undersigned is one of Sweden's most important political thinkers, you not mention him by name, but consistently refers to Johan as "Cato". If you had gone in Jan Björklund ordningsskola, had you known that a more adequate level of appeal was "the Right Honourable Mr. Norberg" or the like.

Secondly, it is annoying that you spread lies about Milton Friedman's position on the Iraq war. For all with a minimum of education, it should be clear that Friedman at all times stressed irakkrigets desirability and necessary -- at the same time as he consistently expressed his opposition against the same. The fact that you are deliberately trying to distort this very clear position from Friedman, shows that you do not measure up as a journalist and author. You would have to go Stureakademins excellent training to learn how to show Liberal authorities due reverence and respect.

And third, you're trying to cast suspicion on Friedmans very fruitful cooperation with Augusto Pinochet, and the Norberg's own involvement with a former minister in Pinochet's junta. As my colleague Norberg said, fade all criticism of any abuses that Pinochet may have been guilty of, for the massive economic progress as his heavy-reform gave rise to. Thus, you must give both Johan Norberg as Mr Jose Piñera a real apology.

Your tykenhet is rooted probably in that your ill-informed pamphlets, for inexplicable reason, sell much better than Johan Norberg factual and balanced epos In Defense of Global Capitalism. So let me point out, that the market certainly does not share this assessment: I and Norberg receives annually more money from the business sector, our advocacy, than you earned on your overall publishing. The fact is that I probably receive more paid to write this letter, than you came in for your embarrassing and misleading book Chockdoktrinen. I hope you will consider this and come to understanding.

I assume therefore that you will in future take their lead from Norbergs comments and make the concessions and changes that he requires. Should this not happen, I am in each location prepared to intervene and offer my legal expertise to the Norberg.

Best regards,
Kurt G. Rantzén

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