An important message to all American voters!

Jag har idag gjort ett synnerligen viktigt inspel i den pågående amerikanska valrörelsen. Detta viktiga meddelande till det amerikanska folket har idag tillsänts CNN America, kvalitetskanalen Fox News Channel, samt till John McCains kampanjstab:


An important message to all American voters!

This is a call from one of Sweden's most influential opinion leaders, Kurt G. Rantzén in Vellinge. The 4th november you should choose the president and vice president. It is very important that you take a rational and liberal choices and does not allow you to resort to vänstervriden media. Therefore, you need Dick. Dick Erixon is one of the leading experts on American politics. Our Dick standing up for the American people and supplies constantly extremely potent political analysis. Unfortunately, his insightful and balanced analysis only been available in Swedish. But for the U.S. sake, I now have it translated his analysis, so that you can choose the right president.

The Democratic Party is bad and its candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden are bad, Dick writes:

"The Democratic Party is a party for pigs. I really hope these selfgoda, morality wrecked individuals have nothing to celebrate on 5 november. " (link)

"And this yngkliga idiot to man want to become vice-president! … What an absolutely zero Biden is! "

Senator John McCain is an outstanding politician, says Dick:

"He does not appear to be a politician, let alone as a party. He is bigger than his party. He appears to be a father of the nation. A statesman who wants to lead America to defend its ideas and character. He makes the presidency into something new, something different." (link)

"So, as I see it, John McCain, is a candidate who can revitalize frihetstanken, not only in words but in deeds." (link)

John McCain has the characteristics that a president needs. It is difficult to imagine a more karaktärsdanande-business than to bomb communists. The McCains efforts in Hanoi, he prevented the spread of communism, not only in Vietnam but also in Cambodia and other Asian countries. McCain can bomb until freedom and democracy in Iran and Syria. He, in contrast to Senator Obama, knows how victory smells. Nothing else in the world smells like that. He loves the smell of napalm in the morning. It smelles like… victory.

Trust, me and my colleague Dick: Vote for McCain!

P: S. I and Johnny Munkhammar has Sarah Palin as idol. I would like to have a signed idolkort on Sarah Palin. I have previously had Margret Thatchers card, but now she has become so old och senile.

Best regards,
Kurt G. Rantzén


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